December 2nd, 2013

working hard


Oh my goodness, it's been so long since I blogged, I'm not sure where to start.

Wednesday was the adventure of the car - I spent several hours at the dealer with an angelic toddler, right through her naptime, and AFTER a turf time romp. That disrupted my plans for the day, but wasn't otherwise a terrible thing. I have the best baby ever, and she absolutely charmed the staff at the dealer.

Thanksgiving was absolutely lovely. I took Norway for a long walk, ate sublime food, and had a delightful dessert with my sister and nephews. I am never eating turkey for thanksgiving again, if I can help it. We had this incredible pork tenderloin wrap, stuffed with cream cheese and chiritzo, wrapped in bacon and glazed with apricot-chipotle sauce. NOM. The leftovers were just as good with a fried egg on top the next morning.

Friday, I buckled down on Kickstarter and 20 Days things while husband and toddler romped overhead, and made a big, huge dent in it. I may even get the rest of it wrapped up today!  (But not if I spend all morning blogging!)

Saturday, more Kickstarter. Sunday, CLEANED MY OFFICE (because it was a mid-Kickstarter disaster and the workflow was suffering) and went to gaming, ate more delicious food and hung out with actual adults (and make-believe teenage demon-hunters), got most of my Kickstarter custom artwork done, finished the first season of Arrow after Monster went to sleep, and now it's Monday and I have a lot to do!

In business news!

Keep coloring books on your radar as you are shopping this season - they make fabulous gifts, and support small business.

A facepalmingly late announcement that there is a Sketch Fest THIS WEEKEND! The poll I ran at Facebook was a dead heat, and people who requested this weekend made the good point that they'd like to be able to ship sales in time for Christmas. So, here we are!

I also realized I was supposed to run a Muse Fusion last weekend... and totally forgot. I don't think anyone noticed, which speaks volumes.

Okay, sorting through ACEOs now, and finishing these last Kickstarter/20days packages. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to get this mail into the post office with toddler in tow. They are labeled and just need dropped off, but it's going to be 800 trips in and out if I have to hold a little hand. The handcart takes both hands, and I don't want the small one bolting out into the parking lot. Maybe I can strap her on top of it...

Oh! And Portrait Adoption artists, there's a great submitted description in the queue right now - I'd love to see some sign-ups for it.