November 4th, 2013


Mondaily with urrrggghhhh...

Snotty, sneezy guppy has been very clingy and nap-resistant today. And I'm not feeling my usual perky self, with a suspicious throat tickle and body aches. As Guppy would say, "Nononononononono." I'm drinking tea like crazy and eating everything I can manage.

I got a chunk of work done on my Kickstarter this weekend - *Asterix is laid out for print and pdf versions, and I've got 10 copies of the final print version printed and one of them fully bound and trimmed (plus 5 test versions with various flaws). I also started - and have nearly finished! - the ink on the big commissions spot, which I'd like to get in the mail TOMORROW because it's going overseas for a birthday. International priority says 6-10 days, but I really don't want to push that. Tomorrow will give it 17 days, which already feels pretty close.

Here's a photo from Friday.

Have to go "Upupupup" now...