October 4th, 2013

enough time


Where did this week go?

Guppy, with flaming cheeks and drool suggesting a new tooth, was up ridiculously early yesterday morning and took two scant naps. After her second one, she wanted nothing but cuddles, and unexpectedly fell asleep in my arms - something she hasn't done since she was only a few months old. Awww...

I want to do ALL THE THINGS this weekend, and cannot bend space and time to make them all fit in. Where's my Tardis, darnit?

Things I want to do this weekend (in no particular order):

1. Finish power to the garage (involves installing and wiring a subpanel, adding a new fuse to the fusebox, and some wiring between the two. Plus hanging some sheetrock. And then wiring the actual receptacles.), which is required for the installation of the heater.

2. 24 hour comic challenge. I couldn't do the 24 hour push on a convenient day even WITHOUT the toddler clinging to my knees - I'm just not good at no sleep. With her, I doubt I will even be able to do the token hour or two I was planning to try. And it's NOT a convenient day.

3. Gaming. Chili potluck! Kittens to play with! Maybe some vampire slaying!

4. Finish Fantastrix artwork. Sooooooooooo close. SO CLOSE.

5. Pre-post next week's EMG 20 days of 20 years posts. I wanted to have all of these done in advance. HAHAHAHAHA.

6. Watch Dr. Who. I just finished Blink, which was delicious. I have tried to watch the next episode twice this week and have gotten about 23 seconds in, each time.

7. Other thing I'm not going to mention because it's a surprise.

8. Finish programming the PA login stuff. It's thwarting me. Some kind of hash mismatch that shouldn't be happening. Grrr.

9. Finish inking the RTH calendar plate.

10. Sleep like 100 hours.

Today, my list is a little less impossible. Just a little. If you squint from the side.

1. Shopping - guuuuuhhhhh
2. Laundry - need to move the new load and fold the previous load
3. Bread
4. Shower
5. Post 20 days bundles
6. Make Sketch Fest events (1 down), update header, and start spreading word about next week's bonus 24-hour event!
7. renew EMG-Zine registration
8. invoicing
9. A few emails. (My inbox. I fear it.)
10. Romping with the Guppy - in progress
11. Cover plate for unused phone box
12. Dishes
13. Vacuum

20 Days of 20 Years of EMG: EMG-Zine anthologies and a cat bundle!

Since I'm renewing the EMG-Zine.com domain today, it seemed appropriate to feature the anthologies. Some of the best of the first three years of the 'zine, these books are just STUFFED with useful advice, gorgeous art, and personal anecdotes about the art of the business of fantasy art (and writing). Humorous and deeply insightful, these books are a must-have for anyone starting out in the business.

EMG-Zine may not be updating anymore, but our archives - with 84 issues and hundreds of articles! - are a treasure trove of information and entertainment. I do still have expenses associated with keeping the 'zine available on-line, so consider buying one or more of the print volumes, or dropping a few pennies in the donation jar at the site. (You may also pledge credits!)

And, for the remainder of the month, you can get ALL THREE print volumes (a $72 value) for $55. Just let me know, and I will add it your claims. Payments can be made at the end of the month once you've had a chance to see all the sales and available goodies. (Paypal, credit card, check, money order, or EMG credits!)

Did you know that you can download the first volume of the anthology, absolutely free? Right here: http://emg-zine.com/downloads.php

(And yes, ursulav fans, most of her hilarious columns appear in these anthologies. No real collection would be complete without them...)

We also have one merchandise bundle for today!

Cats Bundle: $15 (6 stickers, 2 magnets, 3 mirror-backed keychains and a button) Gone!

Remember to check the master sale page to see what's still available and see a summary of all the specials. (Ursula's Weird Fruit calendar is now sold out! Meredith's Magic has been claimed!) http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1403112.html