September 25th, 2013

working hard


Trudging along!

No feedback on Archivistrix yet, which is always nail-biting, but I will push forward. Still need to select work for *Asterix and finish the last Fantastrix piece. (Naptime plan! Too risky to do while Guppy is awake.) I got some major programming for client #2 done yesterday and this morning, but no progress for Portrait Adoption. I have broken my plan into two principal sections: customer-end upgrades, and improved categories (which will be AMAZING). The latter is complicated and daunting - it may be deferred to much later. The former is starting to take shape and is pretty critical for security as well as being awesomely useful for buying things with credit, etc. As a bonus, in reacquainting myself with the code, I did a major visual update on the portrait pages themselves. That's already been rolled out with no fanfare at this time.

Today's photo reminds me that phoneshots are all well and good, but a great camera still matters, and I should get it out more:

Mother nature, in a turn for the sulky, has decided that rain is somehow appropriate. I disagree.