September 18th, 2013


Winter is... here?

Guppy woke at 3:45 this morning, cried once, and put herself right back to sleep. VICTORY!

By that argument, I should feel less tired than I do right now. Fighting off a nap and debating tea with caffeine.

I think I have finalized the lineup for Archivistrix. I'm waffling on the last choice for Fantastrix. It's a tough decision between: Bad Snowy (ink version, cropped), After the Wave, Gift Delivery, Northern Unicorn Rider, Judge's Oak, The Relic... Ugh! I can't decide!! I really, REALLY wish I still had a high-res version of Reading to Dragons.

Have some photos:

Caught in the act!

This morning's snow:

It's unusual that we get snow that sticks when there are still leaves on trees. Between this and the snow we had mid-May, I'm feeling a little cheated of spring and fall. It was a nice summer, but a LITTLE buffer would be lovely.

And some old artwork from my archive diving. (I'm only sharing pieces that WON'T be in Archivistrix.)

This was an illustration I did in 2002 for the story "Canis Envy" by K. Loughrey Hasell in (I think!) Space and Time. I liked working for those guys. :)

Guppy took a surprise nap this morning - at her own insistence, and is down for her second one now. I am going to work on Archivistrix files, invoicing, and maybe squeeze in half an episode of Dr. Who. Some more food would be good, too... I need to thaw bacon for the quiche I'm making for dinner.