September 16th, 2013



Went berry picking with sister and monster yesterday, and got 3 quarts of lingonberries in very short order! The density of berries in some places was nothing short of astounding.

This photo doesn't really do it justice.

We also found this mystery:

Any locals know what this is?? It's got a very orange berry and was growing in the same kind of semi-shaded area as the cranberries were. My plant books have nothing matching the description.

Was up at 4 again this morning. Reasoning with an 18 month old is futile.

Here, she has emptied her book drawer and decided to sit in it:

Bread is rising, I've made noodles and beets (beeeee) and we've got rental equipment coming any moment now so we can work on the trench for power to the garage. Monster probably won't sleep through that. Trusses are nearly all up on the garage, as is all the siding.

When you miss home row and type bkywvweet because you aren't looking at the keyboard, Google suggests 'blurred vision.' Thank you, Google.

Sketch Fest payments to send today, and working on Archivistrix and various artwork.