August 28th, 2013

Number 1 Dog Ribbon


I've just posted a new contest at Torn World; our topic is 'Food':

New creative contributors are always welcome! Drop by our Muse Fusion this weekend and leave prompts or see if one inspires something! (Muse Fusion is like Sketch Fest, but focused on Torn World and it includes writing as well as art, and has no particular time limit.) It would really mean a lot to me if more folks would participate in both the contests and Muse Fusions - it's a lot of work organizing these for just three regular participants!

I want to get two Big Storyline installments written over the next two days, but that is so not happening without a miracle. I have made excellent progress on my last Fantastrix piece! Pretty close to the inking stage! As I slog through that, I'll put Archivistrix and *Asterix together and get them out for backers. I'm thinking I will released Archivistrix publicly when I have Fantastrix printed and in hand.

Guppy's word of yesterday was buhbuhbuhbuh, which is baby for bubbles, which she loves watching me blow. She has managed one of her own, but otherwise just leeeeannns into the bubble wand holding her breath. It is impossible to take photos of any of this activity, alas. You'll have to to trust me that it's adorable.

You can have a photo of her in a cabinet, though:

And a bonus shot with me:

She has turned out to be a ham, and will often make this particular face when she sees herself on the screen of my phone.

Blogging time is not-getting-things-done time! Have some programming to tackle first thing this morning, and the contractors are here getting ready to pour our garage slab, so the baby may be up rather earlier than usual. Off to do stuff!

(That enough cowbell for you, Jenny? :P)