August 24th, 2013

Sketch Fest

I sketched!

Despite spending far too long on Friday digging trenches in the rain (no, literally!), I did get some artwork done. I finished three pieces bound for Portrait Adoption in colored pencil, another colored pencil sketch, plus a fifth graphite-only sketch in a sketchbook I intend to keep together (ie: not selling the originals). I'm pretty happy with them, and I'm just one portrait from my PA art goal for the year... plus I'm keeping well ahead of my two-sketches-per-Sketch-Fest goal.

Here are my two favorites:

Adopt her here:

The rest:

There are still 13.5 hours left of Sketch Fest! Leave us prompts! Pick a prompt and try a sketch! It's painless, I promise... but definitely addictive.

I took a long walk with Norway that hopefully worked some of the kinks out of my muscles, but I'm thinking I should still take some pain pills before bed. Which will be... about now.

ETA: Today's Guppy-word is peeeeaaaaas. Said exactly like zombies say braaaaaaains; a little bit flat and very drawn out. But she does love those peas. I've been feeding them to her raw - she gets the peas, I get the shells. Nom nom nom nom.