August 23rd, 2013

ellen with wrench

Fridaily with Much.

I am vowing to cut down on Facebook. I keep thinking to myself "I just have to scroll through my newsfeed..." and keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling... and mostly all it gains me is bad feelings ("These people are idiots and don't know about," "This person has 15,000 likes on their artist page and I am a big nobody," "Does this person realize how offensive they sound?" and "Good heavens, if their life sucked any more they could rent themselves out as a vacuum.") I love that it's connected me with old friends and family, and I'll probably make a few filters and continue to check those feeds that improve my life, but my activity will be greatly curtailed. Too much to do!

I will continue to check in with Livejournal, as it is much more manageable now that so many people have migrated to the soundbite sites of Twitter and Facebook. Even here, though - So Much To Do! So, I apologize for not answering or leaving comments very reliably.

Today is Sketch Fest! Join in with prompts and sketches in any media! I took a look at my goals for the year and realized that I'm most lacking in Portrait Adoption pieces, so that's what I hope to work on today. Colored pencil on colored paper is my plan. And on that note, if you're wondering where to assign your donations, I have Big Major updates to that site that I'd really, really like to work on. I am lining them out right now, and am thinking they won't seem quite as intimidating once I jump in. (Crossing fingers)

I've got a new poem up at Torn World - this was the clear winner of my freebie poll last week! I suspect people were intrigued by 'creepy' in the description.

Guppy's favorite word this week is "Beeeeee." Specifically, she is referring to beets, which she loves a lot.

Here is a photo of my new floor, with bonus tired baby:

Some programming to do now, Fantastrix art to work on, writing to do, and a baby will be waking up soon.