August 22nd, 2013


Thursdaily with an artwork update. No, two!

Busy days, busy days!

Yesterday, I baked four (admittedly small) loafs of bread, cooked beets and romanesco, made Turkish Zucchini pancackes, did a load of laundry, ground flour and coffee, wired in two outlets and a light for my closet, and did some art. The afternoon before, we assembled cabinets, so my kitchen is back in the actual kitchen (instead of the basement), and... there's the baby waking up, rats, gotta run. Visiting a farm today and going to the post office.

Quickly, some art:

Progress on the last Fantastrix piece

This is her third piece of artwork - and she discovered stippling all by herself! I'm so proud!!

She has had a blast the last several days putting on my gloves and scooting this box around the house. GOOFY baby.