August 14th, 2013



I survived the day cloistered upstairs with a rather upset little monster, and it was worth it!

My floor! It is GLORIOUS. I do not have photos prepared yet, so you shall have to be content with my vague gloating for the moment.

A very quick poll:

For July's Muse Fusion, I wrote three poems, and I can't figure out which I'd like to offer as this month's freebie. Help me choose!

Poll #1929119 July Muse Fusion Freebie...

Which poll should be released to the public for free?

Northern Ice Cream
The Memory Box
A Working Model

Northern Ice Cream was prompted by vaerys. 20 lines of rhymed poetry. ($5 sponsorship)

A Memory Box is a free verse poem of 18 lines based on wyld_dandelyon's prompt: 'something for your loved-one's hair.' It turned out creepy! ($5 sponsorship)

A Working Model is a 10-line free verse poem prompted by kelkyag about one of Oranaan's experiments! Sponsorship is $3.

I've made bread today, done laundry, vacuum packed the pulled pork for freezing, fed the baby four times (hungry Guppy!) and had an amazing pesto-pork-zucchini-noodle lunch. Writing and art until Guppy wakes up (not long now), then there will be reading of books and playing with reptiles and balls. More contractors are here today, but they are not IN my house, and are being much quieter.