July 22nd, 2013


Mondaily (More rambly than usual...)

A truly beautiful weekend. Thursday night it rained and rained and I spent a stressy Friday worried about our driveway, which was ankle-deep mud. We got hydro-seeded early that evening, despite the mess, which was a big load off my mind, and it started to clear up and dry out. My sister PMed me an offer to babysit, and I checked the Blue Loon schedule to find that Ironman 3, which I'd been dying to see, was playing at 5:30 on Saturday. So, instead of Doing Stuff, as had previously been planned, we took the day off, ate delicious food, went out to dinner and a movie, and had a mellow, wonderful day. I didn't do any sketching, but that's okay, because it felt like work and it was nice to be able to say 'I don't have to!' I did get sales approved and generally keep up with administrative things, but as a whole, it went Very Smoothly and required very little of me, which was a HUGE relief after the last several months.

We have upgraded our shower with an 8" swing arm and OH, it is awful. And by awful, I mean that I do not ever want to get out of the shower again because it is evil and perfect. Today, there has been unplanned laundry; Guppy wet through her diaper - first time in a LONG time, so the Very Important Blanket is in the dryer now. She was up quite a lot earlier than usual. She got up just as our alarm was going off, and I couldn't reach her snooze button from bed! She went down for an early nap without the Very Important Blanket, for which I am very grateful and I hoping to get Sketch Fest payments and art cards out. Have I mentioned how lucky I am with this baby? She tells me when she's tired, goes right down for her naps and for bed with remarkably little fuss, doesn't need a security blanket, and is as good-natured as you could ask for.

Also, she's pretty funny:

Oh, I have to make bread today, too. *notes*

On that rambly note, I'm off to do stuff.

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