July 18th, 2013

ellen with wrench

Thursdaily with facepalm baby

Scooped cat box, paid x-ray bill, 'track-walked' the largest foreslope, went shopping, went to the PO, and have picked up the house twice, though you can't tell at all! I also got my (awful, awful) inbox down from nearly 600 to 421, somewhat by simply sorting and deleting, but also by getting many, many business-y emails written. Sketch Fest is tomorrow! It will fill up again!

Making bacon kale quiche for dinner and ready to fall over. Desperately need a shower - walking those slopes is dirty, sweaty work - but I expect the baby to rise from nap #2 at any second now (she woke up very early this morning).

Have a facepalm baby:

Off to chop kale.