July 17th, 2013

big damn wrench

Wednesdaily; who keeps flipping the calendar days?!

The Kickstarter presentation yesterday went very well. I ended up changing my methods quite a lot mid-stream; I was anticipating a podium and formal speech (and had materials for that), and it was much smaller and more informal than I was expecting, so I tossed that and just went with the flow, which I thought actually turned out better. It was very organic and personal, and there were good questions throughout. I felt confident about my answers and experience, and everyone was very nice and friendly and interested. I should be able to polish up the speech I had written into a nice article with very little work - but I'm not sure what to do with it once I do. EMG-Zine would've been my first stop, but of course, that's ended! Any suggestions for a 'zine that might be interested in some Kickstarter Clues? The article would be about 4k words.

Am fairly beat today. Contractor has been and gone to install an air inlet at the back of the woodstove. Guppy has been up and running all over the place, and is down for a nap now. I love that she tells me when she's ready to nap with signs. No guess-work! Also, she likes very surprising food, like spicy pork and smoked blue cheese and mustard greens.

Got a little programming stuff done. Have started the next Torn World installment but my progress is too slow. TOO SLOW. Should be doing that now. Or art. Mostly, I am sitting here wanting a nap. NO NAP. *gets up and goes.*

Oh, I did remember the other link I wanted to post is a link to mizkit's Last Days of Ancient Sunlight project entry at the Guinness Project. This part of the selection is straight-up popularity contest, and I think it would be super awesome to see it happen, so go vote for it once a day, if the description catches your fancy!