July 16th, 2013


Tuesdaily with various links

A gray morning, weather-wise. I had strawberry rhubarb pie soup-in-a-shell with bacon for breakfast. Guppy is moving toys from box to box and toddling around babbling with her sippy cup, occasionally demanding that I come admire her organizational skills or show her how to put the lid on something or read her a book. We're on reading 4602 of Farm Donkey this week. And it's only Tuesday.

I finally read through my Kickstarter presentation aloud last night. It's a tad on the long side, so I may go through and remove a few rambles before I give the speech tonight, and I'll want a clean copy with some highlights (I found myself skimming for numbers at one point) and a few of the longer paragraphs need broken up. I also need to compile my visual aids. I'm not bothering with slides, but I was going to pass around some copies of Dotminatrix and a binder with some art. Debating bringing some of my other titles for 'I'm not new to this publishing scene' cred.

In links:

I have a sketch up for auction on Facebook, starting at $1, here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151717772710100&set=oa.555384387836661&type=1&theater

Million Writer Awards are open for reader nominations now! Not related to me, but the name does amuse me. They are looking for fiction of 1000 words or more, first published on-line (through a magazine with "an editorial process", nothing "self-published") in 2012. I do have one (arguably) eligible story that might be nominated: Colors of Change

Alysha's Fall is a 10th anniversary print edition Kickstarter by haikujaguar. Go fund some new illustrations for this edition - she's working on a stretch goal for new cover art!

I had other things I wanted to link to, but I've forgotten/lost them now. Guppy is down for a nap (it takes me most of a day to compile a blog entry these days!), so I've got to go get my materials together and eat some lunch and clean the disaster zone. Notice how calm and collected I'm pretending to be, like it hasn't been 10 years since I last did any kind of presentation...