July 12th, 2013


Fridaily with crushingly busy

My house is rattling.

Guppy is sleeping soundly through the chaos, despite a D5 cat shaping around the house, an excavator digging up big rocks and dumptrucks of gravel being delivered and compacted. She's... pretty amazingly tolerant of noise while sleeping, actually. I so lucked out with this baby.

A few days ago, I came back from walking Norway and looked in the door to see her playing on the mat. I knocked on the door, she looked up at the window (in the door) and saw me, and knocked back. We knocked back and forth a bit, and I asked plaintively, "Can I come inside?"

And she reached up for the door handle and rattled it, knowing exactly the mechanisms for getting it opened, but lacking the dexterity.

All for now. Work has been going on since yesterday, with prep on Wednesday, so I'm way behind on everything.