July 8th, 2013


Mondaily with adorable Guppy, Fanart, new Fiction, Aphids and Ironing.

Last night, I accidentally splashed some water while I was doing dishes, which landed at Guppy's feet as she was playing by the fridge (magnets are one of her recent favorite things). She stared at the little puddles for a long moment, then knelt down. I fully expected her to start splashing in them, but there wasn't quite enough water there to worry about - and besides, we were headed for a bath and then bed in short order. But she didn't play with it at all! She pulled down the dishtowel hanging on the fridge handle, and very carefully, very deliberately wiped up the entire spill, then tried to hang the dishtowel back up!! Jake and I gaped at her for a moment, then praised her exuberantly and helped her hang the dishtowel. She was enormously pleased with herself. It was adorable. Seriously.

Speaking of helping... I was sorting out her clothing this weekend and she decided it would be helpful to crawl into the drawer and start inspecting everything in it:

I did finally get that ironing done. I hate ironing. Another load of laundry is ready to move to the dryer now, and I need to make bread today. Also, I want to buy some ladybugs; my delphiniums have aphids. RARRR!

New Torn World story up! Three To Go South

I've got half an outline for the next section - by popular opinion, I need one more segment before I pass off the torch for a bit, and I agree that it will be a good bit to show. I also have half an outline for a speech I have been roped into making on my Kickstarter experience for the Alaska Writers Guild. Their request had good synchronicity, because I've been toying with the idea of doing something like Toastmasters for a while now - I need more practice giving talks. I will polish it up into an article when I'm done and maybe shop it around for publication somewhere. (First time rights only - ideally, it will go up for free on my site once their exclusive period is finished.)

I've made some art progress for Fanastrix, but very little. I did also have to doodle some fanart for Three Jaguars:

I had to!

ETA: And for those of you on fire-watch - the Stuart Creek Fire is not a threat to us personally (we live 30-odd miles away), but some areas at the other side of town are being evacuated. Keep those people in your thoughts! http://www.newsminer.com/news/local_news/stuart-creek-fire-at-acres-two-rivers-evacuates/article_c80adcf6-e747-11e2-92b4-001a4bcf6878.html