July 1st, 2013


Halfway through the year - Goals Review

good progress, done!, not started

(these goals may overlap)

*A least two sketches for each Sketch Fest - so far, well on track!
*6 color pieces or paintings - all finished! I'd still like to do a larger piece or two.
*6 Portrait Adoption pieces, finished for submission - 2 down! Hmm! No progress since April. I know what I'm doing next Sketch Fest!
*6 stamp/card images, finished in ink - I have the images finished, but do need to submit them, still!
*6 Torn World pieces (sketches at least) - Blew this out outta the water!
*2 complex coloring book pages - Two completely done, one in the early inking stage and one in the sketch stage! WOOT.


*2 non-fiction pieces. But I do have an idea for one!
*25 short stories - at least 15 of which should be Torn World Big Plot stories and 2 of which should NOT be Torn World stories. - 13 stories here, all 13 of which are towards Big Plot things at Torn World.
*6 poems. - 5 down
*Revise the Upheaval novel with an eye towards either selling it, or releasing it as a serial in 2014. - no progress.

Personal Career:

*Submit at least 12 things to paying markets or licencors. Art, fiction or non-fiction, short, long... whatever. I'm a big chicken about submitting and I need to get over that already. - I've done this with art, but really should with some writing, too.
*Finish Rails (so very, very close!) and release it as an ebook. (Plus print copy?? Kickstarter?? Illustrate it if we meet stretch goals??) - Writing done, and released at the webpage! Though there may be a demand for some extras, depending on the Kickstarter. Still noodling about how/when/whether to do that Kickstarter.
*Finish my own coloring book, print it through Dateline, and decide whether or not I will continue publishing coloring books as a whole. Kickstart this? - Kickstarter was wildly successful. Need to finish two more pieces, as promised, and do the printing. One is done, and the biggest chunk of the sketching on the second. Third is in rough sketch phase.
*Continue with freelance programming. 4 hours a week is my goal here, including work sponsored via Sketch Fest, etc. - Some weeks I manage this. Some, I don't. (More the latter, I fear, lately.)


*Re-evaluate Commission-Control. - Still haven't given this more than a token of brainpower, though I do occasionally have ideas for it. I think it is marinating nicely, actually.
*Expand and start advertising Portrait Adoption (big new feature upcoming!) - I have a programming plan of attack in mind here. It should be awesome, but it will not be easy. I am waiting for more donations via Sketch Fest to compile, and for time to magically appear. Hmm.
*Set up EMG-Zine to be non-updating, purge out the login pages, feature some of the best. Kickstart Volume 4? Really need to see more interest here before I push that. - mostly done.
*Evaluate coloring books. - in progress (see above)
*Get more active at Fantastic Portfolios as a critic. - Here and there.
*Monthly Sketch Fests. Continue to improve the site. - Oh yeah!
*Get Torn World out of the meander it's currently in and start pushing the big North Meets South plotline. Release something that furthers that plot every week. By the end of the year, pass Pure on the timeline, at the VERY least. I'd prefer to be further along than that. - Still totally on course for this! I've got to get ONE more installment written before I have two months worth of other people writing, and then another bit from me, and then a month of graphic novel. I need to start laying out the story that will follow that - because that will be Big Adventure stuff and should be cohesive!