June 27th, 2013


Thursdaily with smoke, new blonde hair, and new art!

The smoke we've been expecting finally rolled in. I've got the air purifier (cleverly bought yesterday, before they sold out) running and the fans on, and it's somewhat tropical but not too hazy inside.

Small monster has been increasing her dexterity and cleverness - we worked on putting shaped puzzle pieces in a board and while there was some frustration, there were also moments of triumph. She has also picked up the sign language for watermelon (slightly modified, but recognizable!) after just a few uses of it. That's a sign that MATTERS, unlike, say, sleep or water, which we've been using for months and she has no interest in using back. (To be fair, I've seen her use water once or twice.)

I left her with Mom and Dad yesterday afternoon and went and got prettied. My lovely blonde highlights had long since grown out (18 months, about!) and I was feeling drab and wilty. So I played to my vanity and pretended our heat was part of a tropical vacation and now I feel more sun-kissed and less Alaska-winter-dark. Guppy and I match again! (Also, I'm laughing at myself for having a TAG for hair color.)

And, new art! This is the first of three pieces for Fantastrix: