June 16th, 2013

baby kitty

Overheard from my living room. And, photo!

Setting: I'm doing dishes and getting dinner ready. Jake has just picked up Guppy and removed her from her excavation of the tupperware drawer. Behind me, I hear...

Jake: Sorry, Velcro. Really, I am. Look, Guppy, it's the kitty!

Guppy: **Maniacal giggling. Excited babbling.**

Velcro: **plaintive meow**

It was remarkably effective in keeping her out from underfoot for the completion of dinner. And I don't feel too bad for Velcro - she's quite capable of getting out of reach and we make sure she has safe places to hang out!

Here's an older photo demonstrating why it's difficult to make dinner with her in the kitchen:

Pried the clingly baby off for several hours this afternoon to go tabletop gaming with my fellow geeks. Got tremendous progress on my Kickstarter artwork done - may share that with you tomorrow... will also be posting next installment in Torn World, and probably other amazing, exciting things, too.