May 13th, 2013


Mondaily with poo of several varieties

I shoveled 33 gallons of dog poop this morning before the sun was warm enough to thaw it. I can see more lurking down a few layers in the snow - it's much colder today, so it may be tomorrow morning's task, or it may be a few days before it melts out. There is SNOW in the forecast. UGH.

Then I came inside and scooped catboxes (to complete the poop theme of the day), showered,, got a baby up and fed, and went to work on Sketch Fest tasks... to find that the server is down again. Rargh. The error has been noted by Dreamhost and is being dealt with most apologetically. I have a client to set up a new employee for (er, no, can't do that until the server is stable), and a drawer to install a safety lock on, bread to make, and a baby to entertain. Time for a screwdriver* and some bread flour!

Then, I may ice my wrists for a while, because they are protesting the shoveling and ice-chipping I've done lately.

Ack, Guppy has decided to once again add to the poo. Time to change a diaper, first.

*mechanical, not alcoholic. However tempting.
no!, just


Sites still down. It looks like a widespread WordPress brute force hack attempt on my hosts' servers. They're attempting to fix it. No servers mean no adorable baby photos, so everyone is sad.

Instead of programming, I am working on my Kickstarter Campaign. (You can see it developing here!) I've got the cover laid out, and need to tackle the video next. It will be short and sweet. Mostly short.

Baby's waking up from her nap!