April 22nd, 2013


Mondaily with no complaints

A friend on Facebook suggested that today be a day with no complaints, and I loved the idea! (That was BEFORE Guppy decided to spend the hours between 2:30 and 4:30 wailing and pulling my hair, but still, not complaining...)

It was an abnormally social weekend. After we did Turf Time on Friday, laylalawlor came over for Sketch Fest jamming, my sister was out Saturday afternoon, we went out for a bar-warming party at a friends house Saturday night, and we had a birthday party Sunday afternoon. Fun, but exhausting! I am looking forward to a quiet day today, with paperwork, phone calls, Sketch Fest administratia and a walk with the dog. And laundry, once Guppy is up.

And oh, Guppy shrieked when I came home Saturday night. Shrieked and stomped and bounced in place before getting down on all four to crawl ferociously towards me and claim my knees, babbling angrily at me. I think she was equal parts glad to see me and furious that I'd left her. She was apparently somewhat happy with periods of fuss while we were gone, and a few moments of despair after we left, but utterly refused to sleep. Between that and a 1 and 2-year old double birthday party, she got LOTS of excitement this weekend.

She also got a new ball on Friday, which has been a big hit with the whole family.

For Sketch Fest, I got 9 sketches done, but still have to scan three of them. There were many bugs to squash throughout the weekend, so I only sketched on Friday. Alas!

Must go post the next Torn World installment and take a shower, asap...