April 9th, 2013

ellen with wrench

Tuesdaily and Tired of Winter

Still snowing.

Not sure the fuel delivery truck is going to be happy with our driveway, but they're going to come look at it, at least.

The woodstove is lovely, though I nearly lit the cat on fire refilling it this morning. (I TOLD her to move.)

Guppy woke up at 3, 4, and 5:30, but at least put herself back to sleep the first two times. The last, she insisted on food. I put her in her highchair with some cheese, bread and green beans while I refilled the woodstove (though it was doing fine!), then changed her diaper, to her great despair - she wailed and wailed and signed frantically for food at me: she clearly had not filled up and thought I was going to put her back to bed without more. So we nursed, and she went happily back to sleep. I snatched another 45 minutes of snooze-time myself, got up and made French toast and coffee. There was a moose in the driveway that I had to keep a very wary eye on as I was brushing the ^&*#!@ snow off the truck and feeding the dog, but it eventually wandered off downhill without making a nuisance of itself.

I got some writing time in while Guppy was snoozing after breakfast: the next installment of the Big Storyline is in the queue now and out for approvals (it just needed some cleanup and a few hundred more words) and another installment of a Minor Storyline was brushed up and submitted as well. Go, me!

Bread later, and laundry. After vacuuming. I've also got a go-ahead on some programming stuff, so I will tackle that next. I did get a start on some modifications at Sketch Fest yesterday. (You can add your country now, at least. It's a step.)

Speaking of 'steps.'