April 4th, 2013


Thursdaily with photos, coding and plotting...

(This, compared to yesterday's photo, is what I feel like when the programming ISN'T going smoothly...)

Real clothes! And a haircut!

Big, big programming progress at Sketch Fest and the Lilypad regarding security updates over the last several days. I just have a little testing to do, and then I think we'll be able to make the Big Switch. (Right now, it's all in place, just optional...) It never goes as smoothly as you hope, so there were some weird puzzling hiccups along the way. Hopefully all ironed out now! It shouldn't really impact users much, but it was a Huge Hairy Deal at the backend and really does help make the site more secure. By a LOT. I should be able to open registration generally now, too.

Want to get some writing done today, and some laundry. We'll see! Little Monster is becoming quite the demanding terror, so nap time is becoming PRECIOUS. I am, at least, getting sleep at night again, so NO COMPLAINTS.