March 29th, 2013


Fridaily, a little punch-drunk.

The last week of low sleep is beginning to catch up with me: I tried to make bread yesterday without salt or yeast. Four ingredients! You'd think I could remember four ingredients! I was staring at the flour as I added the water, thinking, 'something's not right...' Fortunately, I caught it in time, and it's one of the best loafs yet, plus a roll of raspberry swirls.

Walked the floors with sad, sad baby until very late last night, and am staggeringly tired today. (I just about cried when she signed 'milk' at me and I knew she was finally ready to go down.)

Sadness is not her base state, fortunately, and we had a remarkably happy day yesterday, with more cuteness than one baby ought to be able to contain. This is just one of the quick snaps I took yesterday - there are a dozen of equal adorability, so it was hard to pick:

Much to do today, but it starts with good food (which can offset bad sleep), a hot shower, and some writing. I have floundered on March Boldness - I think I've missed three days of it now, possibly four. (Though I could argue that I did 17 pieces of artwork this week, that wasn't my goal!)

O.o I hear a baby waking up. So, er... maybe not. Quick, a list!

*Start thinking about art show - just a month now to get everything matted and framed!
*Programming estimate, client #2
*Writing!! - a pittance, but it's something!
*Sketch Fest payments (Paypal wouldn't let me log in last night.) - one left to do.
*Email to M!!!
*Email to other M

*scrub shower
*Artwork to mail
*Post something at TW
*Other emails (very behind, sorry if you're waiting for something!)
baby kitty


I got Guppy out for Turf Time at the gym, and she is getting braver and braver. Not only will she leave my lap now, she will go crawling off by herself aaaaaalllll the way across the room. I left her alone in the middle of the room to collect her droolrag at one point, and there wasn't a peep out of her - not one squawk of abandonment or panicked realization that I was walking away. We had some very fun interactions with a few older children (and one younger one who is a really excellent walker but had nothing to say).

Then I got REALLY brave, and took her shopping, where I bought All The Things. And she was an angel. She giggled at people, and made unhappy noises exactly once - I gave her a mum-mum, and she was happily engaged in nibbling on it and looking around after that. She tried to give my rainbow hat to the cashier, and was generally very cheerful and alert throughout the rather long expedition.

She fell briefly asleep on our way home, roused to crawl around the house enthusiastically for an hour, and is now napping.

A bear photo, from her 13 month mark, yesterday: