March 28th, 2013

working hard

Wedn- er, Thursdaily.

Rough night. 'Nuff said. This too will pass.

Finished five more pieces yesterday for Sketch Fest, which brings my total to 17. Not a record, but a LOT, for me. Reminds me that I want to work on some tally stuff for Sketch Fest. Need to summon brain cells to order so I can get several items of programming worked on. Brain cells being uncooperative. Stupid brain cells.

Things to do today:

*Bread (Made it yesterday, but ate most of it in pizza)
*Laundry (one load folded, 'nother one ready to put in)
*Water Delivery
*Sketch Fest payouts - one more request in my inbox, one more expected this evening.
*Sketch Fest purchase approvals - Just one outstanding right now!
*Email to M
*Email to the other M
*Long shower
*Eat lots - small breakfast, GIANT lunch.
*Walk dog - ran him up the driveway, anyway.
*Scoop catbox

*Programming for client #2, plus estimate of hours towards line items - sent a check-in email, still need to do this.
*Programming for SF
*Write on next TW installment
*Sort artwork to mail
*Various emails, messages and updates. - started
*Post something at TW

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