March 7th, 2013

TW argh


I'm a Dali painting - my nose is running down my face. I took a Benadryl last night and got a good night of sleep, at least. And Guppy doesn't seem to have this. *knocks on all wood available.*

Bread to make later - we've got half a loaf left, but with no preservatives and very little salt, day three on bread tends to be a bit stale. I shall have a melt for lunch. Laundry later, too. Clean sheets would be lovely. Probably do writing rather than art for my March Boldness today, because I don't want to drip on my pictures. (Gross!) Wondering if my brain is acceptable for coding - I have some work on my plate and have NOT gotten my hours in this week.

Must fill orders, too, but that involves getting up from my chair, which... seems like an awful lot of work right now.

*musters energy* A shower will help.