February 28th, 2013



Oof! A particularly sore back today is making me more tired than usual, and sapping my creative energy. I bent over wrong wrangling the baby from the bath last night, and have been diligently taking pain killers and sitting on a heating pad since then. I keep staring at the same blank page. I have things I NEED to write... and am completely failing to. C'mon brain, I need you here, please!

Guppy was up at 4 this morning, certain she was starving to death. She refused her second nap yesterday (not minutes after I posted my entry about saving the day with a clean, dry blanket, she decided napping was for wusses and demanded release), and all three of us ended up going to bed an hour early last night, so it wasn't as awful as it could have been. She went back down after being changed and fed this morning, but was awake again an hour or two earlier than she usually gets up. She took one good nap, but started eye-rubbing and fussing after a good romp of the house and a few snacks. I put her down again, but she's still upstairs muttering about how unfair I am, and all the little injustices of life. (Arrrarrrrarrblaaablaaablaaarrrrr allallllalllahhhhlaahhh mmmmuuuuhmuuuhmuuuuh arrrarrrarrrr... followed by raspberries and motorboats.)