February 21st, 2013

happy baby dance

Dear Guppy...

Dearest Guppy,

You are hereby requested not to grow any more. You are adorable and wonderful at this size and stage, and I like being able to pick you up and carry you under my arm.

Also, this growth spurt thing is turning my brain to mush and we will run out of food in short order.


Your Mother

Places to go! Growing to do!

Categories at Sketch Fest

The list has been greatly refined - and you can now see all the options and various categories at the Sketch Fest site, where tagging is now fully functional. Booyeah. Just edit your artwork and check as many boxes as you like.

(It doesn't do anything on the public side, so you can't search for anything yet, but this end of that function needed to be implemented much sooner than later or it's going to be EVEN MORE of a hassle going back and editing your old work. Also, the search would be really lame right now, because nothing's been tagged, to speak of.)

Go forth! Tag away! As you find more things that you wish you could check, just let me know! There are many, many more things I COULD add, but I'm looking for common stuff, stuff that people would actively look for.