February 4th, 2013

torn world

Mondaily - Torn World update and baby photo!

Torn World is starting the big south meets north storyline up! You can watch the community without joining as a member, and I probably won't remember to point you over there every time I update it... and it REALLY would mean a lot to me if you watch this bit. This release is meant to be a little more accessible and engaging than the scattershot updates Torn World has seen in the past and are a good point to start watching. The first post is here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/135790.html

Right now, I'm planning to update Mondays, and MAY also add Fridays, but I'm nervous I won't be able to meet that schedule once I run out of buffer. Particularly since I started reworking one of the stories in the queue and realized that OH! The previous three sections are completely mis-cast. I've already re-cast them once, but I saw some writing advice (not aimed at me, but exceedingly valid for my work...) cautioning about introducing too many named people to a new reader, and it's had the wheels in my head turning ever since. I'm glad I caught this NOW, not after I had these sections printed, and the whole series will be stronger for not introducing a bunch of people that have NOTHING to do with the storyline in the future. (Also, I completely NEGLECT introducing an important character.) I feel like a bit of a dork for not catching this sooner. Ah, well.

Have a baby photo:

She's stirring now, time to braid my hair and be Mom.
tremble puny mortals

Portrait Adoption update!

After thinking about it a bit over the last... er... year, I decided that the 48-hour logged in exclusive preview wasn't working for me. It confused new artists particularly (hey, my piece got accepted, why isn't it showing?) and didn't work well with the watch feature (email: a new piece is up! But you can't see it unless you log in!) and it caused artists NOT to immediately advertise their new available work, because... well, it didn't show up on the site yet and wouldn't for 2 whole days, by which point they had forgotten about it entirely. Bad, all around. I put off making the change on the site because... well, things, and I was afraid it would be hard to implement. But lo, I went to look at the code this morning and it was so dirt simple I did it in five minutes.

SO! No more 48-hour hidden pieces.

And I can show you MY new piece: