February 1st, 2013

happy baby dance

Friday with stuff...

I finished my business taxes yesterday! This is by far and away the earliest I've ever accomplished that. Partly this is due to a simpler year of business (what with Guppy eating 90% of my time), partly to the fact that I've been streamlining my system of records for 19 years, and partly because I sat down and DID it DARN it. It feels good. I deserve ice cream.

Bread is made, laundry has been... thought about. Vacuuming and sweeping have happened, and the various other daily things.

I am noodling about a story I've written for Torn World. It's well-written. It's interesting... but it's probably overwhelming if you don't know the characters already. *counts* Eleven named character, eight of them on-screen... that's just too many in a 1700 word story!! They're fun characters and the dialogue is zippy, but it's not a good starting place. I may rip it up at the seams, pare the cast of characters down to the most critical, and try to make it more accessible, since that's my goal with the release of stories coming. I just hate feeling like I'm spinning my wheels the wrong direction when I'm going to start printing things with deliberate regularity. Scary!

In Guppy news, she is bouncing up on her knees in preparation of pulling up, has finally figured the Super Sekrit Trick of tipping a cup back to drink from it, and may be signing back to me! I'm not sure... hitting herself in the mouth MAY be 'hungry,' or may just be... hitting herself in the mouth. She also mimics me (sort of) when I sign 'milk' at her, but she's quite imitative right now, so I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what it is yet. She loves it when I nod at her - that's the funniest thing in the WHOLE WORLD.

Done with lunch, must wrap things up and get back to work. Have some links:

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And some photos:

Fun you can have with babies.

11 months! And a few days.