January 31st, 2013


Last day of the month...

... and too busy to breathe.

Links for you:

Torn World Worldbuilding Blogfest Day #3, Magic/Religion (all about time crystals!): http://torn-world.livejournal.com/134688.html
Day #4, Culture (Northern Family): http://torn-world.livejournal.com/135066.html

New archives page at EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/archives.php

Last day to nominate Rose and Bay awards: http://crowdfunding.livejournal.com/499385.html
EMG-Zine is eligible for 'Other', 'Poetry', 'Fiction' and 'Art' (though most strongly in the first category)
Torn World is eligible for 'Other', 'Fiction' and 'Art' (not poetry!)
Sketch Fest is eligible for 'Art'.

Baby's waking, all for now.