January 24th, 2013

baby kitty

Thursday... getting away from me in 1s and 2s!

Bread is rising and laundry is drying, I still need to work on taxes and fix this %*&# programming bug that I've been banging my head against this morning. A few business emails are off, okay fine, I need a list...

- still need to fold
*Fix upload bug for project #1
*Contact client for project #2
*Sketch Fest payouts, round 2
*invoice for prints, order 2
*prints, 2 orders
*lunch - in the oven
*Post something at Torn World, figure out judging for the contest (whoo!) and post a character spotlight because it's already Thursday and posting ahead only works if I actually, you know, post ahead...
*writing? Maybe not...

Happy baby is much happier today; her cheeks are less red (an indication of teething that I'd never heard of, but that has been quite intense in her!) and she's much laugh-ier. She's been imitating me when I shake my head (though her's is a little on the Stevie Wonder side) and grins and laughs whenever I nod (she hasn't figured out how to make her head do that yet). Photo later.