December 27th, 2012


Christmas wrap-up

Christmas left me feeling utterly blessed. Awesome loot, warm house, fun playing with the baby, fun lunch the day after with my sister, just lots of joy and quiet happiness, all around. I hope you guys had a lovely day, as well. Elsa got noise-making toys that she's figured out how to turn on, and has been rotating through all the fascinating new things. (3-ball-switch* continues to be a favorite.)

Thinking about goals and things to do before the end of the month/year/week. Planning an end-of-the-year review of accomplishments and such, and a little alarmed by how much I wanted to accomplish and didn't. Still, considering my stated goal for the year was 'have baby' followed by 'taking care of baby...'

And on that topic - WRETCHED night of sleep. HORRID. Went to bed poorly, and couldn't sleep until very late (1:30AM) and then had nightmares about losing Elsa. Jake and I went to a big party in Nome (we drove there, which already tells you it was a dream, since Nome is, what, 400 miles away? with no roads to it) and I thought he had her and he thought I had her... then there was panic that we'd left her in the car, and I spent hours in dreamtime trying to FIND our car, to find that she wasn't in it, and I didn't know where she was, but I thought maybe we'd left the carseat in the driveway or forgotten her at home and was trying to decide who to call or what to do... and woke in a cold sweat with the monitor giving a 'chirp!' due to interference from the alarm that promptly went off.

Also, my tailbone hurts today for the first time in a while. I had Elsa out in her backpack for a short while yesterday - I wonder if it's related. Stretching today and MUST get back into an exercise schedule. Here's a quick self-shot from yesterday:

And one ridiculous space-baby:

*I have two balls! Yay! Wait, there's a third ball? But my hands are full... *drops one to grab new one* Yay! I have two balls! Wait... there's a third ball? But my hands are full... (repeat infinitely)