December 17th, 2012



Woke up weirdly and am not exactly on top of things yet. Should be coding or writing while the young wookie is asleep, but my brain is really not moving yet.

Sketch Fest was great fun this weekend. I did four sketches and a GIANT painting. I put down a wet coat of paint from Guppy's nursery walls and planned to do a fast abstract with the prompt 'Water Dragon,' but lo, one of the spots of paint turned into an actual dragon, and I sat down and picked out details for the rest of the hour allotted to me:

(Not for sale - would not want to ship it, and Jake really likes it and wants to hang it in our house!)

It's actually the second piece I did for that same prompt - the first was this one:

I plan to finish this one in ink. (Click for sale details)

This is my favorite of the sketches - 'Wonderland Laundromat.' I plan to finish this in ink:

(Click for sale details)

The new bits of code at Sketch Fest seem to have functioned all correctly. I added a 'cancel' function to my admin page for dangling sales that never come through (which will change the count on the product correctly, too), and set it up so I can assign a sale to a registered user, in case they weren't logged in. Working on a 'pay by credits instead' function for buyers who accidentally picked the wrong kind payment method. I have some more sales to approve and some payments to send today - I'll do those as soon as I'm finished here.

A bit stalled on writing. Got big chunks of the LAST two installments written, then got some feedback on one of the bits in the queue that it really didn't work, so I may have to go back and fill in a scene that I was hoping I wouldn't have to (equal parts laziness and wanting to do a reveal from a specific POV). So now I have TWO parts of story that I really really need to go write before I finish, and my muse (and bruised ego) is digging in her heels.

It was coooold this weekend, about -30 most of the time, and that following a big dump of snow (18-20 inches). We got the driveway cleared before the it cooled down too badly, and uncovered the wood. So, we're perfectly cozy inside, at least. I got orders out, and Christmas cards printed (but not yet mailed), and generally had a nice weekend.

Here's a photo of snow:

In the lower right hand corner is the weather station, piled high with snow, and Norway is the dark speck by the tree in the back.

Guppy is doing awesome. We added lettuce to her diet last night, and she thought that was great fun and ate it all. I gave her some of my pork the day before, and she gobbled that up, too. I'm a big fan of these finger foods where she feeds and entertains herself all at once. Her fine motor skills are doing great and the faces she makes are wonderful. (Didn't have my camera handy, you'll have to imagine them.) I LOVE being able to eat while she does.

Alright, brain may be working now, ought to do something productive while Guppy is still sleeping.