November 28th, 2012

happy bubble fairy

Holiday Wishlist

If you find wishlists tacky, carry on past this. But a few people have asked and I can NEVER think of anything when I'm on the spot. :)

Mostly silly little things that Ellen would love to get for Christmas:

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If you have a wishlist, post a link to it in my comments! I am also tempted to participate in holiday_wishes - I've filled one wish already (though it sort of counted as a wish for ME, too), but I'm just not sure how many more I'll have a chance to and I'd feel bad getting things if I don't have a chance to give a bunch. (You've seen my to-do list...)

In other news, smashingly busy. May have another coding gig to work on in my copious free time. Need to mail coloring books, art and cards. Coloring book drama will be a post of its own shortly...

Guppy is still working out that crawling thing. She's mostly getting on all fours and wailing because the forward motion is not working, interspersed with rolling and raspberries. Lots and lots of raspberries. Her newest tooth is firmly in, and she's quite a lot happier.