November 18th, 2012


Greeting Card Sale

So, I haven't made cards in several years now, but felt inspired today to tromp out to the connex box to check on my envelope and cardstock supply - and lo, I DO have some supplies left. (Chances on the holiday card offer are now at a whopping 17.5%!)

So, if you'd like to order some cards, this is your chance! They won't be made and shipped until after Thanksgiving - I've got some major Sketch Fest coding to finish before Friday. These are 4.25 x 5.5 inches, medium-weight cardstock with an unprinted envelope, and the image has a slight border. They are blank inside. You may request plain white or speckled gray cardstock, or I will use whatever I think will work best. I have rather fewer plain white envelopes, so you may get a speckled gray envelope regardless.

Pretty much anything in my personal gallery or my Torn World gallery or my Sketch Fest gallery are fair game.

But behind this cut, I'll put of my more popular holiday card designs:

Collapse )

You may also be interested in Willow Mother, or an Angry Owl, or a Super Guppy, or a happy Summer Bubble Fairy. Photos and abstract paintings may also be available - ask to find out if I have a high-resolution version of it. (Most, I do.)

Cards are $3 apiece, or 10 of one design for $15.00. You may mix and match 10 cards for $20.00.

Shipping is $6.00 for up to 20 cards, flat rate priority mail. $12 gets you unlimited cards. Ask for a quote for first class shipping or international, please - I'll try to find you the best deal!