November 12th, 2012


Monday and a week since I blogged...

Rarely have time to sit down and blog right now... have a few bullets from the last week:

  • Next Sketch Fest: Nov 23-25! Better than Black Friday! And you can sleep in (depending on your timezone...).

  • Please remember to nominate your favorite articles from EMG-Zine! There is no limit on how many you may nominate, so you don't have to wait until December's issue is out...

  • Wrote some poetry last week. Not sure if it's good, but there was a contest, with a deadline, and I took a stab at it. I shall share it later. I also wrote another installment of Rails. SO behind on my NaNotWriMo. Did a few little pieces of artwork for an upcoming project.

  • Next installment of Rails is up! Railfashion Part 2:
    Ressa navigates Alikara's party - and finds that her donation has made her a person of interest to Bai's sister.

  • Snowblowed (snowblew?) the driveway yesterday. Shoulders hurt, but back does not!

  • Gaming yesterday - got to use a metaphorical auger on a Dreameater. O.o

  • Buckets of programming accomplished.

  • Reallllly want popcorn. Don't want to wake up baby. >.>

    And one cute baby photo:

    When faced with giant dog, Guppy's instinct is to lean in and try to lick it. I couldn't quite get a photo of that actual licking, but here's some proof that our baby is NOT lacking in personality...