October 29th, 2012

ellen with wrench

Happy Monday!

Guppy woke up 3 hours early this morning. O.o We nursed and played, and I made bread, and she yaaaaaawned and nearly fell asleep on Jake (until I started shoveling the front porch - it's snowing like mad!), so I put her back to bed, and... now it's now and I don't know what happens next...

Not true! I have artwork to finish, and vacuuming, once monsterus minimus is up again. Also, bills to pay. The wood has been covered and laundry is in - I'll need to move that about shortly it needs folded now. I have writing I'd love to do, we shall see if I have time for that. I want to finish the Rails story by the end of next month. I think that's a pretty attainable goal - we're getting into the sticky guts now, and I know how it ends. Also, I have some Sketch Fest administratae to work through today, and some Torn World duties.

My Amazon shop is open again. I got an unexpected order for a coloring book that I hadn't realized I had available, and figured I could do the Amazon-required turnaround again for those orders. Coloring books are still cheaper through me (and you can use EMG credits!), but there are a few oddball goodies available at Amazon that you can't get elsewhere. :)

Off to scan a few pieces of artwork that I finished at gaming yesterday! Stay safe, you East-Coasters!