October 15th, 2012

sleepy, dreamstate

Monday with confessions.

So, I have to confess something.

I bought an iPhone 5.

There, I admitted it. I am a cog in the corporate wheel of oppression. A symbol of waste and decadence. A contributor to materialism and the slow decline of... morals and... something.

I was planning to spend a little of my PFD fun money on a little point-and-shoot-and-simple-video device for the capture of adorable baby moments. I still plan to take photos with my good SLR camera, but I wanted something I could slip in my pocket for walks, and something that would take video. Something better for camping and less 'I am a Photographer.' So, I started looking around for such a beast, and a few friends said 'look at the iPhone 5.' My phone is about 5 years old, and frustratingly slow, so that suggestion made me say 'hmm.' My cellphone provider listed me as eligible for an upgrade (with significant savings on the coveted phone - I did NOT pay list price), and I said, 'OH FINE,' and ordered it. (That was the week before we spent all the money in the world on a washer and dryer and guardrail, or I would surely have balked longer.)

And I love this thing.

I take ridiculously cute video all the time, and it snaps perfectly serviceable photos. I admit that I am a fan of many of the apps available for idevices, and that I am familiar with and like their interface. The panorama feature with the camera is AWESOME. The Facetime ability for communicating with Jake is REALLY cool. It is pretty to look at, easy to carry, fast, and functional. I am a total convert.

So, be looking for ridiculously cute baby videos from me. I have the same number as before (if you had that!).

There would be video of Elsa taking a bath in her new blow-up duck-tub from last night, but I was too busy keeping her from pitching herself face-forward into the water in utter delight. There was a LOT of happy splashing, and I ended up soaking wet, too. And yet she hated swimming? Oddball.

Here's a baby in a box on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151234817630100

I have some things to resolve today - my growing frustration with a project I love, a personal thing I don't want to face, and some programming things, some of which will be fun. Plus baby. Here's a photo from yesterday - I went to gaming and she was apparently pretty demanding while I was gone.