October 9th, 2012


Today's task...

Jake took the day off of work, and we're doing this:

That's about 25 lbs of skinned, cured pork belly, about to be smoked... in an old computer box, slung on an extra curtain rod held up over two porch chairs, because we're fancy like that. Duct tape will be used to hold the box shut, because no job is well done without duct tape.

Soaking and rinsing and drying have already occurred, and a pile of towels are in the (shiny, shiny!) washer testing out the 'sanitize' cycle.
elsa's tongue

Updates with more photos - bacon and baby

The bacon smells amazing. We are trading some of it for moose meat, and the rest has been vacuum sealed and put in the freezer for eating over the next year-ish. Here's a photo of the apparatus with smoke (after MOST of the smoke has cleared enough that you can see into the box):

(Should you desire to do your own smoking, we have had excellent dealings with this company and it's a lot easier than I realized... start with something safe and little like cheese, and you too can graduate to a computer box full of bacon! We have the 5x8 pellet smoker.)

The day would have been perfect, but for one minor inconvenience: Guppy decided to sprout not one, but two teeth today, and was miserably unhappy about it. In retribution, she produced two of the grossest diapers I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I think she is feeling better now, after a prodigious day of alternating fussing with sleeping, and is on the floor taunting the cat with her superior toys and trying to figure out this crawling thing that I have no desire for her to learn.

I wish this photo (from yesterday) had been taken in better light - it came out way too dark and lightening it makes it blurry. *sadface*

In the background is her certificate for 'successfully completing' the Parent and Tot swim class. I guess 'successful' just requires not drowning her.