October 8th, 2012

ellen with wrench

Brief Weekend Recap

Our Saturday Torture Session was... torturous. Guppy still is not fond of water, for being a little water dragon. It was worse than last week, but not quite as bad as the week prior. That marks the end of our lessons (in which I pay good money to make my baby girl Utterly Miserable). I feel confident enough about being in the pool with her that I will take her myself now, but we're going to wait a month or two and try it at a quieter time. I wonder if it's not just the fact that she's tired... she hasn't settled into a completely reliable nap pattern, but she does sometimes have a nap about then.

After swimming, I was able to take her shopping, quickly (I was desperate for a new bra, which is not something I can just have Jake pick up for me!), and then to the post office (where she slept peacefully). I took a blissful nap with her that afternoon - I have no idea how long, but I think it was more than 2 hours. This was the first time I've napped with her since I took the bed out of the nursery, so it was a nice cuddly treat.

Sunday, we smoked cheese and peppers and there was football.

Some writing accomplished. A little art.

I'd swear I had more to report, but... apparently not. I hear baby girl noises over the monitor now - time to go get her up! (12 hours of sleep!! BBE*!)

*Best Baby Ever.