September 24th, 2012

enough time

Quick update-er-roo

Just a note to let folks know that I will be sending Sketch Fest earnings later today - please do request your credits soon if you'd like to cash out!

We got a big windstorm last night and were without power for about 6 hours. I got very interrupted sleep; the power came on with the TV (somehow on a loud volume!) just past midnight, and Guppy - for the first time in weeks! - decided she needed a fresh diaper and snack at 2:30. Up at about 7 (sort of), and staggering a bit. (Also, tail-bone is being ouchy.)

Lots to do, today. Baby has thrown all toys out of reach, I must go save her now.
baby kitty

Monday with plans for the week

Last night's power outage was kind of fun. A good chance to sit around and play cards with the baby in the light of flashlights for a while. (Guppy is no good at gin rummy - she kept suggesting awful plays and trying to eat the cards.)

  • Interview
  • Print and mail contract
  • Client site email alert update
  • SF site upgrade (one of several planned)
  • Print and mail prints for L.
  • Redo my autoreply
  • Update Torn World every day, plus update monday, handbook wednesday, character thursday.
  • auction
  • Send payments from SF
  • Nag outstanding debts
  • (stuff I have forgotten)