September 20th, 2012

elsa's tongue

Thursday with much programming (and a photo)...

I double-dog dare you to say my baby isn't the cutest one ever:

I've gotten a whole bunch of piddly little coding done, including GREATLY simplifying my life in regards to Sketch Fest admin. (Also, YAY, you can now click down directly to 'finished work' on your artist page. Just for Jenny! [but also useful for other artists with looooots of sketches on their pages now...]) I've also got 'death dates' at Torn World now (though they don't DO anything yet), and contributors-only sections for character sheets, and I fixed a few niggly little bugs.

'Cause I'm awesome. And also procrastinating on emails and contracts and printing stuff. *sighs* I do have a few other Sketch Fest improvements I'd like to make, but they MAY not be done for tomorrow. You guys have earned a major update that I'm plugging away bit-by-bit at. You will LOVE it.

Other stuff:

  • Stairs
  • Bread!
  • vacuum
  • print prints
  • print contract
  • fuel?
  • auction?
  • Clean toilet
  • clean shower
  • baby
  • laundry
  • Research new washing machine (our works great but EATS water. SRSLY.)
  • fix mixer (gears slipping again...)

    Slightly runny nose this morning. AM NOT GETTING SICK. AM NOT GETTING SICK. *drinks several gallons of water.*