August 24th, 2012



My brain at 3:30 this morning after refusing to go back to sleep for two hours, even though baby girl was slumbering peacefully and I KNEW this was my big chance at sleep:

I wonder why I'm so lousy at friendship. Am I a bad person? Hey, I figured out a solution to that programming thing that's been bugging me. I need to email so-and-so. Am I playing favorites? I wonder how to reply to such-and-them. Oh, that's how to end that story! [composes several pages of prose and tries to repeat it so that I can remember it in the morning...] I have a great idea for a drawing. Oh, I should remember this as a prompt for Sketch Fest. I need to remember that Muse Fusion is tomorrow. Why can't I sleep? Should I have said that-and-so in that conversation three weeks ago? I hope they didn't take it the wrong way. Them-and-so probably thinks I'm an idiot. I wonder if I could program this script over here to do this...

And, after finally getting what passes for enough sleep these days, my brain at about 11 this morning:


Thanks, brain. Love you, too.

Posting Muse Fusion shortly.

ETA: Muse Fusion is open!

(Is THIS where brains are supposed to go, Mom?)

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muse fusion press

Ah! (A second tooth) Also, writing.

And lo, we have a second tooth trying to make an appearance. It's not broken the gum yet, but it's RIGHT there, all white and lurky next to the first one. This may explain some of the Super Fuss of the last few days, as well as the droooooool.

Come leave prompts at Muse Fusion this weekend!

I got a little writing time (and a SHOWER!) while little miss Guppy took a nap, but I was focusing on getting words into 'Hampered (working title),' which is a paid-for story I want to have done by the end of the month for a contest. 700 words today so far (up to 2200 on the story), and big chunk of the most exciting bit is finished! Woot! I plan to tackle a prompt or two now for flash fiction, or maybe poetry, if the Guppy permits.