May 29th, 2012

happy baby dance

Tuesday starts the week...

I got poor sleep last night and can no longer brain.

So, you get the super abbreviated cliff notes of this last weekend, with photos, and a promise to tell the mammoth story at some point.

This is what we bought last week. I am all smiles and glee.

So we took Guppy camping!

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This bugnet was made for her stroller (more on that below), but worked great over the carseat and bouncer, too.

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(Next time we won't bring the bouncer - too big, and the carseat and stroller did the same job.)

You can see a little of the van behind her in that first photo - it has a fridge, some cabinets, a little sink and double stove, a propane heater for cold nights, great lights and beds top and bottom. There are tables that set up in the middle, and the front captain's seats swivel around to face in. It is a '97 VW Eurovan pop-top camper, and I already love it. It brings back many memories of camping with my parents in their early 80s VW Vanagon.

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(You may recognize this camp spot from photos I posted two years ago - this is the spot we always try to get!)

The weather was not awesome. We had some cloudy days, and on Thursday night it was so windy that the grommet tore out of our tarp. On Friday it POURED down rain and was cold and nasty. And we were all deliciously, comfortably warm inside our cozy little van.

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Elsa took naps on the seat, and that bench pulls down into a nice double bed where we slept at night. Jake took the upper bunk, slightly diagonally, and we all got great sleep. (Comparatively, I mean - my new definition of great sleep, which probably doesn't actually qualify.)

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Here, we're getting ready to go for a walk in the wet outdoors.

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I've got a whole post brewing about this stroller, but the very short version is: BEST STROLLER EVER. It's been through everything.

And, Guppy's general reaction to camping? This just about sums it up:

torn world

Torn World update and Thank You!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes - it was really lovely to come home to. :)

And, I have a new story up at Torn World I forgot to post about here (seriously, can't brain... though a nap did help greatly!) - The Sea Queen is an Irfai myth about a half-fish woman who tames sea monsters. It is free to read until the end of the month (two more days!) unless it is sponsored for $10. (TW or EMG credits accepted, including spend-only credits!)

Working on some other major news posts as the brain allows. Also, need to vacuum and pay bills. Nap, little Guppy! Nap like the wind!