May 15th, 2012

baby kitty

Tuesday report

Last night's sleep was AWESOME... right up until about 4:30, when Elsa decided that talking was preferable to sleep. "Ah aaaaAAAiiiIIII. EeeeeeeehaaaaaaAAAAA. Eh? OOooooAAAAwwwwaaaaaa eh uh." (I'm bored. It's dark and I can't see my hands. Mom? I'm booooOOOOOred Mom, come on.)

I cuddled her to sleep and woke up with a vicious headache, which Jake helped rub out of my shoulders.

She let me get another half hour or so of sleep after he'd left for work, then got bored again. So, we played, I folded laundry ("These are Mom's pants! They don't fit Elsa!") and snapped a few photos.

She's trying very hard to figure out the musical bird...

I've got another load of laundry to put in, then it's down to some writing today, where momming allows - either some backstory (Kativa/Kether/Tolnam), some North-Meets-South plot-moving things, or some Rails (I'm gleefully anticipating the next several sections. *grins*). And speaking of Rails...

Today's newly public story is Railchange, thanks to haunted_blood. Get a look at some of the workings of the carnal guild in this little confection of fashion, flattery and flirtation as Ressa dresses up to meet Yeff for their first date. (And did you see the delicious portrait Cris Griffin did of him? Go drool!)