May 14th, 2012

muse fusion hourglass

Blue Skies on Monday

It's a gorgeous day and was a really lovely weekend. My first Mother's Day was wonderful - you only wish you'd had the bacon-wrapped tenderloins Jake grilled for me, or the corn on the cob, or the perfect baby carrots and potatoes... and I LOVE the earrings he got me - custom-made amethyst (Elsa' birthstone) and mother-of-pearl. I feel unbelievably fancy in them. Also, I didn't have to wash any dishes!!

I also got some nice naps over the weekend, and Guppy seems to have gotten back into a more favorable sleep pattern (knock on wood) so I'm getting good three-hour+ blocks of sleep again each night, at least once.

This morning I have done some hacker thwarting (*shakes fist*) and made bread. I am considering vacuuming.

Last few hours of the May Muse Fusion... will Guppy continue to nap so I can do another few prompts? STAY TUNED FOR THE EXCITING CONCLUSION! (And also for today's baby photo.)
baby kitty

More news-like things. And a photo.

Finished another poem for Muse Fusion before stopping for the day - a shaped free-verse that was a lot of fun to put together. That brings me to three sketches (one VERY rough and one in COLOR!) and one poem. Not too shabby!

In very exciting news, ALL of my stories at Torn World have been sponsored and are now visible free for all readers. A huge thank you to the sponsors who've made this possible. I will highlight a few at a time, rather than dump them all on you at once, and will start with Grandma Monster, a satellite story for the Rails collection. Ressa brings gossip to a retired warsailor... and gets a little of her own in return. It is also a look at how news travels in the Empire, and at some of the strange gender rules of the area.

I also vacuumed, and played with Guppy and took two short naps with her, and ate copious amounts of food and watched an episode of My Little Pony (FIM). An adorable show - I can see why people have been raving about it. It also makes me quite nostalgic for the MLPs I used to play with as a girl... I wonder if I still have any out in the connex box. I think I kept one of them for sentimental reasons. In fact, my Very First fanfiction was MLP. I didn't have any media to go off at that time, just a list of the names in the JC Penny's Wish Book. I think I was 6 or 7. It has an illustration on the cover and was a rather dense tome (for a 6 or 7 year old) of hand-written pages. The pacing was really bad, the dialogue was awful and I can't even remember if there was a plot. I'll have to dig it up and subject you to it.

I know you guys are only here for the cute baby pictures, so here you are!

Now, in the spirit of knowing how to have a good time, I'm going to dig a hairball out of the shower drain and pay medical bills.