April 30th, 2012

working hard

Weekend recharge and months-end panics...

It was a lovely weekend. Saturday, my sister visited to walk our poor neglected dog and joined us for dinner. Then, on Sunday, I got several hours of downtime while Jake got good baby-time. I put in earplugs and took a nap... not a long one, but a very deep one. I'm a light sleeper, plus nervous mom, so I wake up a lot during most nights. (5 or 6 times last night, for example... we're still hopeful that Elsa will go back to that lovely habit of sleeping 4 or 5 hours in a row at night.) Then I took Norway for a walk back in the woods and practiced our not-a-goon training, which has been much neglected since the huge and awkward part of pregnancy. He remembered things pretty quickly, but we clearly need more consistent work. Then I got a looooong hot shower, did a load of laundry, and had a delicious dinner with the husband.

Today, I got very bad news, did another load of laundry (that should just be considered a default for any day now...), played with Elsa, and did a bunch of end-of-the-month things while she napped. Specifically, I got the admin area of EMG-Zine running again, so that Jen and Annie could get tomorrow's issue up, and did a massive Torn World news update.

And of course, I got a photo to send to Jake at work:

Our little inmate. :)