April 20th, 2012

happy baby dance

Expressive baby is expressive...

These photos are actually from Monday - she gave me a smile, I said 'hold that!' and reached for the camera. She didn't give me another really good smile, but she did give me all of these looks:

The following three days, it's like she blossomed into smiles. Every time she'd catch my eye, **GRRRRRIIIIN** Of course, I never had the camera handy those times, though you can see her smiling a few frames in the dancing pictures of the previous post. Today has been a fussier day, so we've been doing more cuddling and singing and such than picture-taking. We had a really lovely (MUCH needed) nap this morning after Jake left and she woke me up giggling. *melt* (Her mood went downhill after that.)

I also wanted to log some notes about her sounds - they are changing so quickly, and I want to write them down somewhere before I forget! Collapse )